Top 8 Tips for Hosts


Be as clear as possible in describing your space (access, size etc.) and use as many photos as you can.
Pro Tip: Listings with 2 or more photos have 63% higher success rate than those with lesser photos!


Specify the access you are willing to provide (full, chaperoned, restricted 9-5 etc.).
Pro Tip: this is a critical deciding factor for many renters.


Review the price benchmarks and set rates accordingly.
Pro Tip: Submit your space specifications to us & let us recommend the average price-band to ensure price competitiveness.


Respond (within 8 to 24 hours) to rental requests!
Pro Tip: Renters usually wait for up-to 24 hours before moving on another listing!


Be upfront on what your space “rules” are from the start to avoid ambiguities & awkward conversations later.


Complete your transaction via our payments platform only. It’s free for you, and all transactions completed via our site are protected by the terms and conditions of use which safeguard the interests of both the Host & Renter.
Pro Tip: We cannot guarantee the authenticity of any/all rental transactions completed outside our gateway.


After your first transaction, leave a testimonial for the renter and our site. Your referral helps build trust in you, other renters and our marketplace.


Be patient! Building a marketplace takes time, and the average time to match a renter is between 30-45 days!
Pro Tip: Good things come to those who wait!

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